Digit Agency

Our Client Promise

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Work with Digit and we become a team, together.

We polled our clients and staff to define what it’s like to work with Digit.

The result is our client promise:

    1. Your ROI is our business.

    Our work creates value and impact. Our job is to make your budget work its hardest.

    2. Creativity. Ideas. Answers to your challenges.

    That’s all we focus on. Forget the box.

    3. The work is yours.

    Let’s be clear - the work we do for you, belongs to you.

    4. We know what we do, and we do it well.

    We’re crystal clear about our what we do well and what we don’t cover.

    5. Our team is our value.

    Strong and long relationships produce the greatest work. We will grow together.

    6. We help you see round corners.

    Our expertise, imagination and experience will give you the answers before issues become problems.

    7. Process delivers reliability.

    Sometimes overlooked (but not by us), these qualities are the building blocks of delivery. You can depend on us.

    8. Common sense comes as standard.

    When we think it, we’ll say it. If something isn’t right, we’re the kind of agency to speak up, not lay down.

    9. We get it right first time, almost every time.

    Sometimes the unexpected happens - that’s when you need an agency that’s tenacious, adaptive and won’t give up.

    10. On time & in full.

    Our execution-led approach to delivery helps us hit deadlines and stick to the budget. We deliver on our promises.