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Digit joins UKIHMA

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Digit has recently become a member of UKIHMA

A national trade organisation that promotes the best of UK healthcare expertise to offer international clients integrated solutions from its membership.


    The United Kingdom International Healthcare Management Association (UKIHMA) is a not for profit, volunteer led organisation, run for the benefit of its private and public (NHS and academic) sector members. “Joining UKIHMA gives us the opportunity to work collaboratively with some of the UK’s most talented and capable experts in digital healthcare” says Digit’s founder, Ben Ferns. “Together, the members of UKIHMA present an integrated and compelling proposition to further the advancement of the UK’s healthcare expertise. Digit will join UKIHMA’s Digital & Data special interest group to bring our healthtech and medical learning expertise to the UKIHMA table.”

    “Our membership covers and convenes, the full spectrum of expertise, knowledge and experience from the UK health sector” explains UKIHMA Co-Chair, Andy Ward. “Our membership delivers the skills needed to plan, design, build, manage and improve efficiency in hospitals and primary care facilities – and members are working together in the GCC, Africa, Europe and back here in the UK. We are delighted to have Digit join the UKIHMA family and look forward to adding their expertise to our compelling portfolio.”

    For more information on UKIHMA, please visit https://www.ukihma.co.uk/