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Stornetic’s technology uses clever flywheel-based machines to store power in a modular, container-based system. This approach can be used to store power and quickly deliver it in a huge range of modern applications, such as smart grids and power supply protection systems.

  • UI/UX design
  • Website
  • Brand innovation
  • SEO

The Journey

Having developed this innovative technology over many years, Stornetic approached Digit to help them build messaging that would demonstrate the potential of their products to the world.

Stornetic were aware of the interest in their work, but without a credible, detailed website, the company was receiving many misplaced enquiries. They also understood that they were missing out on much greater commercial opportunities to work with bigger partners who could help them unlock emerging marketplaces.

With limited budget, Stornetic and Digit set out to collaboratively develop online content and a digital domain that would exhibit the key advantages of the system to potential customers, without detailing too much about the solution.

Digit worked with Stornetic to identify customer segments and different digital applications that might suit the target audience of this emerging technology. We then converted this into an approachable website architecture that would intuitively guide visitors to the information they wanted.

Handling highly complex subject matters, Digit also developed the copy content for the site, working in both English and German to convey the complex concepts in an accessible way. Once complete, the site was optimised for SEO in both languages.

The result is a clean, visually appealing, communicative site that has helped Stornetic give voice to its unique position in the world’s array of emerging power storage technologies.

Outcomes & Impact

  • Content material expertise
  • SEO in English and German
  • High impact with limited budget
Stornetic website on a mobile device