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Launch project

The Journey

The Angels Initiative had the need for a feature-driven learning management system (LMS) that was fit-for-purpose while also cohesive with their current brand. Therefore, the aim of this project was to introduce a recognised, robust platform to The Angels Initiative’s existing digital landscape, integrating it with their established Drupal website.

Over 80,000 users from nearly 180 countries were registered on their website, the majority of which had already started or completed some of the existing e-learning courses. When introducing a new LMS, we had to be sure to retain this data with a secure, safe migration process.

At the time of this project’s execution, there was no existing LMS software that was compatible with the latest version of Drupal. Our team worked on a feasibility study to select the most adaptable option to work with. Opigno was the front runner and final choice, as it was closer in-line with Drupal than any competitor at the time.

Digit built the LMS as a new website to keep the Drupal instances separate for upgrade purposes, while using a singular sign on for both sites and advanced development techniques to make it look and feel like one unified site. This was quite a significant workaround, especially when paired with the migration and alignment of existing data.

The new, customised Opigno LMS was launched in April 2022, and has since been serving learners with curated, specialist stroke e-learning content, and changing lives globally. The Angels Initiative were greatly impressed with the versatility of our team, and have been extremely pleased with the outcomes of the final product.

Outcomes & impact

  • LMS visits up 686%
  • Increase in engagement of 25%
  • 65% decrease in bounce rate

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