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Guided by principles that are founded on the Ottawa charter, Aidshilfe Köln is one of the largest private healthcare providers in Cologne.

  • Digital product design
  • PX (Patient experience)
  • Data governance

The Journey

Regular testing for HIV and other STIs is critical in the fight to limit the transmission of these diseases. Aidshilfe Köln offers rapid testing from its Checkpoint centre in the heart of Cologne. The organisation knows that service users are very often reluctant to share their personal information when being tested for HIV and/or other STIs.

Digit have worked with Aidshilfe Köln to build an online system that allows service users in Cologne to book an appointment at the Checkpoint, complete a detailed questionnaire about their medical history and sexual health and receive their testing results completely anonymously.

“Existing digital appointment systems usually work with data, so anonymity cannot be guaranteed,” says Christopher Tocha from Aidshilfe Köln. “In addition, people were tied to our telephone hours when retrieving their results. The staff used to rely on paper and pen to do the documentation, which was a source of errors. The new digital system addresses all these challenges and combines solutions in one infrastructure.”

Digit worked with Aidshilfe Köln and our German partner agency, Allround Team, to conceptualise and structure a system that would:

  • Be easy to use and reassure users of their anonymity while using the system
  • Ensure the integrity of test results, guaranteeing that data was anonymised and deleted once delivered
  • Allow healthcare professionals at the Checkpoint to manage the testing process easily

Working with visual prototypes, we developed user journeys that minimised clicks for patients, while delivering them reassurance to engage with the system. After an intensive testing period, the system went live in November 2022 and has worked without issue since launch – it is currently managing around 50 anonymous HIV/STI tests a day. Furthermore, Aidshilfe Köln recently demoed the system at the DÖAK (German/Austrian Aids Congress), receiving unanimously positive feedback and active interest from many other similar organisations.

Outcomes & Impact

  • Compliant data anonymity
  • 8000+ estimated anonymous tests in 2023
  • Strong interest from similar organisation
Aidshilfe Checkpoint website on a laptop