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Are you searching for an exceptional e-learning platform that combines the power of Drupal with robust learning management capabilities? Look no further! Digit has the expertise and experience to create your ideal e-learning environment using Opigno.

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Why choose Opigno LMS for your e-learning needs?
Here's what sets this platform apart:

  • Customisation at its finest

    Our Drupal-based solution allows for provides a broad range of customisation possibilities. From the overall design and layout to fine-tuning functionalities and workflows, we ensure your e-learning platform aligns perfectly with your unique brand and requirements.

  • Comprehensive learning management

    Opigno LMS provides a feature-rich learning management system, empowering you to effortlessly manage courses, track learner progress, and monitor performance. With the intuitive interface, you can easily create interactive lessons, assessments and quizzes, all while delivering an engaging learning experience.

  • Engage and motivate learners

    We understand the importance of learner engagement. Opigno LMS offers gamification features like badges, leader boards and achievements, making the learning journey exciting and rewarding. By fostering collaboration and social learning through forums and group activities, we help you engage an active community of learners.

  • Personalise the learning experience

    Every learner is unique, and we believe in catering to individual needs. Opigno LMS enables you to create personalised learning paths, adapt content based on learners' preferences, and provide targeted support. Empower your learners to progress at their own pace and achieve optimal knowledge retention.

  • Seamless integration

    Opigno LMS seamlessly integrates with other Drupal modules and external tools, expanding your platform's capabilities. Whether you need CRM integration, E-commerce functionality, or connectivity with HR systems, we've got you covered. Build a unified learning ecosystem that streamlines administrative processes and enhances efficiency.

  • Mobile-friendly and responsive

    In today's fast-paced world, learners expect flexibility. Opigno LMS delivers a mobile-friendly and responsive design, allowing your learners to access courses and content anytime, anywhere, and from any device. Empower your learners to learn on their terms and elevate their learning experience.

Woman using Angels Initiative e-learning on a mobile device

Opigno LMS can change the way your organisation learns. And we have just the team to help you unlock that potential!

Digit’s capabilities in building Opigno learning management systems include:
Angels LMS create with Opigno

Case study


The Angels Initiative is a global healthcare programme dedicated to improving stroke patients’ chances of survival and a better quality of life. Their incredible life-saving work has reached an estimated 12.5 million patients in over 7,600 hospitals worldwide. Digit has supported the Angels Initiative since it was launched in 2016. In 2020 the team came to us with a vision of a learning management system that could place learning experiences at the heart of an integrated online hub for healthcare professionals in stroke care around the world.

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Digit placed a high value on understanding our organisation’s aims and our business model. That has created real added value for us. We need to partner with a team who understand how important our website is to our success, and who can work positively with all of our stakeholders.

Mark Barkaway|Head of Marketing & Income Generation

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