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Google Ads Responsive Search Ads New Ads

Responsive Search Ads – Google Ads – Complete Guide

The recent change in branding of Google AdWords to Google Ads isn’t just about the change in its name. Google Ads signifies a new era in adv...

Google Beacons complete Guide Activating Installing Using Tutorial

How to use Google Beacon for your business?

As a digital agency and a Google Partner, we requested Google beacon for some of our clients while Google was piloting the project. Now that...

Google Ad Strength New Feature Google Ads Guide tutorial

Ad Strength – How to create more effective Google Ads

Ad Strength is a new feature of Google Ads helping advertisers create effective ads by providing immediate feedback during the ad creation p...

Elevenses Google Partners Live stream Digit Agency Guide

Elevenses for Google Partner Agencies

If you are a Google Partner agency, make sure you and your team sign up for the Elevenses, bite-sized live stream series from Google Partner...